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Country View Mastiffs

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Owner:  Heidi Radcliffe

You know you are owned by a Mastiff when..

1)  You get changed into your dog clothes as soon as you get home.

2)  If you can actually afford to go out, the last thing you do is           to get into your good clothes and then run like hell out the      

  door before they can "inspect" what your wearing.                     

3)  You own an 8 passenger van but only have two seats in it.            

4)  Everything you cook has dog hair in it.                                                    

5)  Only really good friends will have dinner at your house.                 

6)  You walk your dog and everyone knows his name, but you have  no idea who they are.

7)  You go grocery shopping, buy $150 worth, and only $50 is for      humans.   

8)  You tell your dog to sit, and he backs up until he finds a chair or  your lap. 

 9) You tell your  dog to go lay down and he heads for your bed.          10)  Wet socks become a part of life.                                                                               

We have always had dogs in our lives, all shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds.  That is until we got our first ENGLISH MASTIFF.  Our world got bigger, MUCH BIGGER! 

Country View Mastiffs


  Mastiff Club of New England

Mastiff Club of America

​Garden State Mastiff Fanciers

 Protecting         the


First there came Diesel, originally showing with a handler,   At 24 months he became 


 Next came Minnie, my baby girl.   At just 12 months old shebecame Champion.

And now I have Capone, (a Diesel baby) he will be 2 years old in March 2017 and is an apricot brindle.  

Where the Human Pays the Bills and the MASTIFFS Run the House.